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FONASBA is the only organisation representing the global ship agency and ship broking professions. Established in 1969 it now has members in 50 countries, including all major maritime and trading nations. Its remit is to “promote and protect the professions of ship agency and ship broking worldwide”, a task which it undertakes through dialogue with ist member associations and its consultative status with IMO, UNCTAD, UNCITRAL and the World Customs Organisation, as well with the European Commission and other regional bodies.


FONASBA also enjoys reciprocal memberships with the Baltic Exchange, BIMCO, INTERTANKO, the International Port Community Systems Association, indemnity insurer ITIC and the Shipbrokers’ Register and works closely with all other maritime sector bodies, both internationally and in Europe. 

FONASBA issues regular standard agreements, contracts and advice.


The following documents are available to download from this site:


FONASBA General Agency Agreement 

General agency agreement for liner services between liner principal and general agent. Recommended by BIMCO. Revised and adopted 1993. Superceded by the Standard Liner & General  Agency Agreement 2001


FONASBA Standard Liner Agency Agreement (revised and adopted July 1993) – Liner agency agreement between liner principal and agent, recommended by The Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO).


FONASBA Standard Liner & General Agency Agreement
This form combines and updates the previously separate Standard and General Liner Agency Agreements.


FONASBA International Brokers Commission Contract
Standard form agreement to be used between shipbroker and shipowner for payment of commission. Recommended by BIMCO.


A clause for insertion in agency agreements outlining and limiting the agent’s liability for the transmission of ISPS Code compliance information between the ship and shore authorities. Developed in association with ITIC.


FONASBA Port Reception Facilities Survey
A guide to tanker port reception facilities developed by FONASBA in response to INTERTANKO’s Poseidon Challenge.


FONASBA Standard Port Agency Conditions
A concise guide to the rights, responsibilities and liabilities of the owner. Revised 2007.


FONASBA Sub-Agency Agreement
First Edition. Adopted October 1998. Approved by BIMCO.


FONASBA Sub Details Clauses
Clauses for insertion in firm offers or bids made at the time of charter negotiations.


FONASBA Time Charter Interpretation Code 2000
A Code to aid the interpretation of existing time charter party clauses and to assist in the resolution of a dispute.


The following documents are available on request:

  • Charterparties: Amwelsh 93 – issued by ASBA
  • FONASBA Multi-purpose Charter Party 1982 (Code name: Multiform 1982). Alternative to General Voyage Charterparty.
  • Charterparties: Norgrain 73 & Norgrain 89 – issued by ASBA
  • Charterparties: Nype 93 – issued by ASBA
  • Voyalayrules 93 – jointly issued by BIMCO, CMI, FONASBA & Intercargo

Email to obtain copies.