(06.04.2023) We are pleased to inform you that the Kiel Canal dues will be suspended from July 1st, 2023, at least for the next three years.

(23. Februar 2023) Die diesjährige Mitgliedversammlung des Zentralverbands Deutscher Schiffsmakler e.V. findet am 22. März 2023 in Hamburg statt. Weitere Details folgen zeitnah. Mitglieder erhalten direkte Einladungen.

(11.07.2018) BIMCO has terminated its agreement with ShipNEXT that allowed the use of BIMCO contracts on its trading platform and expelled the company from its membership after it repeatedly and falsely claimed that BIMCO supported its trading platform.The firm action follows repeated warnings by BIMCO which were ignored by ShipNEXT. The company has on a number of occasions claimed in marketing material that its trading platform is supported by BIMCO, claims which could compromise BIMCO’s market neutral position, according to BIMCO’s Secretary General and CEO, Angus Frew.

“The claims are a blatant abuse of the licensing and membership agreement that we have with ShipNEXT and is, in our view, a deliberate policy to mislead ShipNEXT’s customers. It compromises BIMCO’s position as a neutral and commercially independent association and is totally unacceptable behaviour,” Angus Frew says.

BIMCO has never supported nor endorsed the ShipNEXT system, and no longer has any formal licensing agreement with the company. The use of BIMCO standard contracts on this system is no longer permitted.

If in doubt about the authenticity of any BIMCO contract, please contact BIMCO directly at contracts(at)

(5.1.2018) The new tables of pilotage dues for all German sea pilotage districts are available under:

(4.12.2017) The Ballast Water Convention is in force as of 8 september 2017 and is applicable to all ships, which are carrying ballastwater. These ship need to have a certificate, an approved management plan and a ballastwater record book on board.

The purpose of the Convention is to prevent the introduction of alien or new species in the aquatic environment. These species are being carried on board of sea-going vessels in the ballastwater and may be harmful to the aquatic environment. Ships will have to treat their ballastwater or will have to prevent in another way the transport of species.

For further details, please contact your local association or have a look on

(14.2.17) BIMCO will be hosting a joint webinar with FONASBA on the new Agency Appointment Agreement form on Monday 20th February at 13.00 GMT (14.00 CET/08.00 US East Coast). FONASBA President John Foord FICS, ITIC Claims Director Andrew Jamieson and BIMCO Documentary Committee Member Han van Blanken will introduce the new form, discuss its implications and uses for ship owners and ship agents and then take questions sent in by the audience. This will then be followed by a short presentation by General Manager Jonathan C. Williams FICS on the FONASBA Quality Standard. Full details of how to register for the webinar can be downloaded from the FONASBA website at:

(16.12.16) Kiel-Canal authority has just announced that following lock chambers at Kiel-Holtenau will be closed due to maintenance works :

Monday / 19.12.2016 = Big New South lock from 08:00-12:00 hrs.

Tuesday / 20.12.2016 = Big New North lock from 08:00-13:00 hrs.

Wednesday / 21.12.2016 = Big New South lock from 08:00-13:00 hrs.

In this period only one big lock is in operation at Kiel-Holtenau.

Directive 2010/65/EU establishes that Member States of the European Union shall accept the fulfilment of reporting formalities in electronic format and their transmission via a single window no later than 1 June 2015. This single window shall be the place where all information is reported once and made available to various competent authorities and other Member States. In Germany the National Single Window will start on the 1. June 2015. From this date onwards every reporting has to be done electronically via the National Single Window. This reporting is subject to charges. For further information you can call your local agent or visit the webpage: